Letter from the President


Welcome to the Abilene Preservation League’s website and to the 2017 and 2018 calendar year here at the APL.

What an exciting time to be a part of Abilene’s history!  With all that is happening in our historic downtown, SODA (South of Downtown Abilene neighborhood) and other historic neighborhoods, there is still much to do to improve upon our beloved city.  And by getting involved now, you will have a say in the future of Abilene.

There is no time like the present to help preserve the past and get involved with the APL.   Whether it be with your money or your time, you will have a direct and positive impact on Abilene.

Some of our top priorities this year include the following:  producing a top 10 endangered structure list, a major preservation project (stay tuned for more details), monthly Lunch-n -Learns at The Elks, a spring gala, fundraising, educational tours, membership development, and continued work with the City and County to help ensure success with historic preservation.

I encourage everyone, whether you have lived here your entire life or are new to Abilene, to get involved.  We need your help!

Please do more than consider.  Join the APL today at whatever level you are able to contribute and help us build a sustainable future by revitalizing all our existing glories from our rich past.

In advance, thank you for your help in this endeavor.


James Wagstaff

President of the Board of Trustees 2017-2018



Abilene Preservation League is a nonprofit organization.  Abilene Preservation League depends on donations to maintain, repair and to fulfill our obligation to the keep the historic downtown building "The Elks" beautiful.

PLACE matters

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