Haunted Abilene

A yearly ghostly tradition sponsored by the Abilene Preservation League. Check back for dates closer to Halloween.

Abilene Preservation League has a fall fundraiser at our historic Swenson House called HAUNTED ABILENE. We will be open for two weekends. Every year since 2008, an enthusiastic crowd has enjoyed our friendly Halloween event. Children and adults are welcome. It takes everyone, young and old, in the community to preserve the history of Abilene. Involving everyone in Abilene history will spark their interest and make them aware of the importance of saving our beautiful and valuable Big Country culture.

Haunted Abilene involves a haunted house (the Swenson House), a 25-minute Trolley ride around Old Abilene, a ghostly graveyard, a corn maze, food trucks and a fun Children’s Area. Tickets can be purchased on line at HauntedAbilene.com or call 325-676-3775

Past Haunted Abilene Theme:  2008-Trolley rides, 2009- Halloween Witches, 2010-Dead Spirits the wild wild cowboys and Indians, 2011-Ghosts and Queen of the Southwest, 2012-"Dead" Time Stories, 2013-Lady of Lake Fort Phantom Manor (ghost of the pirates & mermaids), 2014-Disney characters and stories, 2015-CarnEvil.  2016-Ghosts of Abilene Forefathers, 2017-Till Death Do Us Part in partnership The Abilene Community Theater.