Current Projects

The most direct way that the Abilene Preservation League meets its mission is through “brick-and-mortar projects.” In our 45 year history, we have completed 9 of these projects. At this time, we have two in progress. 

Abilene Courts, 633 S. 11th Street

The previous owner of Abilene Courts donated the property to the APL in August 2020 as a last-ditch effort to save this National Register of Historic Places site. Unfortunately, at this point it was too late to save the bulk of the building. Years of neglect, coupled with a major hail storm, left the building vulnerable to the elements and resulted in significant damage to the site. The bulk of the building had to be removed. Despite this loss, this historically significant site can remain preserved for future generations. Its iconic front facade, the principal historic elevation, remains intact. The APL is determined to preserve this architecturally distinctive facade and we need your help. 

The Elks Arts Center, 1174 N. 1st Street

The Abilene Preservation League rehabilitated the Elks Arts Center, a contributor to the National Register of Historic Places’ Abilene Commercial District, in 2001 and returned the iconic site to its former glory. However, now that 20 years have passed, the original windows from 1913 are in varying needs of repair. Additionally, light fixtures require repair or update to better reflect the building’s history.