A Tribute to Bill Minter 

Former Executive Director

Bill Minter was honored by Trustees of the Abilene Preservation League at a reception on his retirement after his 10 years of service as the executive director of the Abilene Preservation League.

Keynote speakers at the reception were past board presidents Audrey Perry, Carrie Blaschke, and Diane Keeble who spoke of their memories of Bill Minter as the Executive Director. Many stories and memories were told, but all most favorably spoke of Bill's warm personality and deep knowledge of preservation.

As executive director, Bill oversaw many successful projects during his tenure. Some of these included the reconstruction of the arbor at the Swenson House and, the purchasing of the Dr. J.D. Magee house (Rosetyme), a Texas Historic Landmark, built in 1903. The APL purchased Rosetyme for the protection of demolition after a fire had burned a portion of it. Bill has been instrumental in promoting and educating the importance of preservation in our community.  He has spent countless hours speaking to many organizations about Abilene's most endangered buildings, preservation awareness, and the importance of maintaining Abilene's history for future generations. Bill has also worked many hours with the city and the Abilene Independent School District to successfully save Lincoln Middle School from demolition.

Through his many years in serving on the Landmarks Commission, Bill has been successful in working with neighborhoods to increase preservation awareness and the value it brings. Many property owners are recognized each year for their execution of renovation and enhancement of their neighborhood by the APL’S Beautiful House Awards program.. These and others have been recognized at the Heritage Stewardship luncheon through Bill's leadership.

As a native of Abilene, Bill's work and mission as Executive Director has been to preserve Abilene; its heritage and its structures. The Abilene Preservation League is thankful and most grateful for Bill’s many years of service. We wish him well in his future endeavors.