Protecting, preserving, & documenting Abilene's past since 1977

Celebrating close to 40 years of historic preservation in Abilene, the Abilene Preservation League was founded in 1977 and is dedicated to the preservation of Abilene's architecturally, historically and culturally significant properties.  The league evolved from a growing awareness of the need to preserve the city's built environment.  Early APL projects centered on public education which addressed the needs and economic advantages of historic preservation.  Research, education, and advocacy continue to be important components of our mission.  The membership and board of trustees are actively involved in planning, development and implementation of the preservation projects and special events throughout the year.  This enables the league to ensure the retention of our historic resources for future generations.

Mission:  The mission of the Abilene Preservation League is to preserve historic properties and promote preservation.

Vision: The vision of the Abilene Preservation League is to provide leadership, education, and imagination to inspire a common vision of preserving the placed and stories or our shared heritage to enrich the lives of future West Texans.

Would you like APL to talk to your club or group?

The Abilene Preservation League has a presentation designed for luncheon groups, neighborhood associations and practically any group that is interested in Abilene history. We would love to come show it to your group. It runs about 20 minutes, but can be expanded or otherwise tailored to your group's needs. To schedule a visit, send us an email.

From time to time there are buildings we would like to highlight because of their value to the community as examples of good architecture or their context in our city's history. Sometimes the owner has asked us to help find out more about the building's history. Sometimes there is a threat of the property being demolished or lost to neglect. We believe a public discussion of the value of an older building is helpful to the economic development of the community. Check this site occasionally for listings.