20 June 2016

Hello, Reader.

We are the Abilene Preservation League (the "APL"), an organization dedicated to preserving Abilene heritage, history and historical buildings since 1974.  The APL was instrumental in the revitalization of downtown Abilene, starting with the Paramount Theater, the Grace, and the Cypress Building. Subsequent revitalization successes include the Elks Building and the Railroad Depot and Railroad Warehouses.  The APL is privileged to be the conservator of two gems of Abilene: the historic Swenson House and the Elks Building on North First Street.  The treasures of the APL also include our membership; it is a joy to work with this purpose-driven, dedicated, hard-working, and fun loving group of people.  

Please consider joining the APL. Historic preservation creates excitement for our city’s history, promotes healthy property values, and can result in revitalized neighborhoods.  APL members have numerous opportunities to promote our preservation projects, enjoy fellowship with like-minded individuals, to learn, and to participate in numerous fun events throughout the year.  Members are invited to attend special member-only events and also receive discounts on venue rental. You don't have to own an old house to be an APL member! Please consider joining the APL and have a hand in preserving the wonderful history and heritage of our city.

Yours truly,

Neil Tatom

APL Board of Trustees

President 2016-17