The historic neighborhoods in Abilene are rarely defined by specific streets. You will find old homes throughout Abilene in historic areas that usually have unofficial names.  These areas tend to be known for by a specific street or streets that the locals refer to. Other times you will find names on maps.  Some of the streets and areas used by Abilenenians cross one another and can be confusing to a person new to the area or visiting from out of town.

Throughout each of these neighborhoods you will find interesting old and stately homes, whether the structure be a modest bungalow or a Gatsby style mansion.  Wondering through these neighborhoods will provide a person a peek into Abilene's past and an excellent education in a number of architectural styles dating back to the turn of the century.

The Abilene Preservation League is proud to highlight these neighborhoods for you.  For further details or questions about specific properties, please contact the APL through our contact page or visit the following website.


To view a sampling of homes in each of the areas click on the button with the name.

Original Town North -  The area directly north of historic downtown bordering to the east of Parramore Street, though Parramore cuts right through running east to west.

Original Town South - The area directly south of historic downtown bordering to the east of Amarillo.

Original Town West - West of historic downtown past Grape Street and north of the railroad tracks

Parramore Street - North of historic downtown roughly where Parramore and Beach Street intersect.  Just west of the Original Town North.

Amarillo Street - An area that not only encompasses the street for which it is known for, but also surrounding streets mostly to the east between South 6th and South 14th .

Sayles Blvd and Highland - Bordering Amarillo to the west

Old Elmwood - Elmwood between South 7th and South 14th.